October CodeRefinery HackMD

Icebreaker, day 3

What operating system and what display setup do you have?

Intro questions:



Concepts around collaboration



https://coderefinery.github.io/git-collaborative/02-centralized/#centralized-workflow-exercise Ends at xx:17, then break until xx:27 Try to accomplish steps 1-8, we will do 9 once we meet back together. If things don’t go perfectly for everyone, it is OK since we start anew in the next part.

(it is better to share usernames by chat in the room, since this is a public document)

Write “done” when you are… done!

(group information removed)


:::danger Until xx:27 - don’t forget to get up and walk some! :::

Centralized workflow exercise, follow-up

Distributed version control / forking workflow



https://coderefinery.github.io/git-collaborative/03-distributed/#exercise-practice-collaborative-forking-workflow Lasts until xx:33 In the session, try try to do steps A-E. We will meet back in the main room for the rest.

(group information removed)


:::danger Until xx:11 - don’t forget to get up and walk some! :::

Main room exercise repo


Back from breakout rooms at xx:33. If your room needs help, please write here.

Group 18: One person could not push their change branch to their fork. Investigating via chat. Solved in breakout room.

Contributing to projects


Feedback day 3

Please let us know one thing that you liked and one thing we can improve on:

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