October CodeRefinery HackMD, day 5

Icebreaker, day 5

Remember some software you used/improved, that was very hard to use. Why was it hard to use? (remember to be nice, though!)

How do you make your software easier to use (or how would you)?




Exercise: is project documentation important

https://coderefinery.github.io/documentation/01-wishlist/#exercise-in-the-main-room Is project documentation important why?

How can you motivate your collegues to contribute to the documentation?


Exercise: generate the basic documentation template

Link: https://coderefinery.github.io/documentation/04-sphinx/#exercise-1-generate-the-basic-documentation-template 10 minutes, until xx:35

(moved one question further down)

Breakout room comments:

This was shared to convey that the command to verify sphinx installation works but not the verifcation check commands. We thought it would be helpful for debugging.


:::danger We are on a break until xx:03. Don’t forget to walk around some! :::

Exercise: Deploying Sphinx documentation to Read the Docs

https://coderefinery.github.io/documentation/05-rtd/ Ends at xx:24

Github pages



:::danger Break until xx:34 (we will have a proper break at the usual time) :::

Jupyter and Jupyter Lab


:::danger Break until xx:11 :::

More Jupyter: sharing notebooks


https://coderefinery.github.io/jupyter/05-exercises/ Ends at xx:45 Choose a few interesting exercises from this page: it’s free-form, choose your own adventure

If you get problems with widgets or extensions, you can try to solve but we recommend you try something else, and we can check it out later.

Binder and notebooks


Final discussion


Already using Jupyter? What for?

Are you new to Jupyter - what possible use cases do you see?

Do you think they can help with reproducibility?

Feedback, day 5

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