2020 November CodeRefinery HackMD, day 3

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Icebreaker, Day 3

What operating system and what display setup do you have?

OS Display setup +1
Linux 2 monitors + laptop screen -
Linux 4k TV -
Linux laptop + 27” monitor (1440p) +1
Linux 4K laptop  
Windows/MacOS notebook screen ?
Windows laptop + extra screen 6
Windows desktop(!) + 2 screens 1
Windows/ubuntu laptop + extra screen 1
MacOS laptop + extra screen 2
MacOS laptop + 2 extra screens 1
MacOS laptop 1
Windows laptop -

Feedback/suggestions from yesterday

Few questions arrived after the workshop and we have (hopefully) answered all questions here: https://coderefinery.github.io/2020-11-17-online/hackmd-day2/

Any other questions that you would like to have clarified?

Git-bisect (10 minutes before we start with collaborative Git)


~/tmp/git-bisect-exercise on 41af86c $ python get_pi.py 3.14

~/tmp/git-bisect-exercise on 41af86c $ git bisect good 326f68a558501a6f44d7685c2c1795794bac09b5 is the first bad commit commit 326f68a558501a6f44d7685c2c1795794bac09b5 Author: staff staff@users.noreply.github.com Date: Fri Mar 29 16:02:52 2019 +0100

commit number 137

get_pi.py | 8 ++++—- 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-) ```

Collaborative distributed version control


Break: (until xx:25)

Resuming at step 9: discuss and accept pull request


Feedback for day 3

Please write down one thing you liked and one thing we should improve.


To improve:

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