CodeRefinery workshop September 20-22 and 27-29, 2022

How to join

We are normally limited by number of expert helpers and individual exercise leaders, so we use a livestream to reach more people. Anyone may watch the livestream (, and we have Zoom for breakout sessions up to our capacity. Some partners may even host in-person breakout rooms. Read more about how to attend a livestream course.

Registering flowchart

Attend via livestream only

The promise of the Internet is that we can reach everyone, so why don't we? We teach on a Twitch livestream ( so that anyone may attend the workshop. With livestream attendance, you get:

  • All workshop content, text and video.
  • Videos released the same day.
  • Ability to ask questions, if you register.
  • Ability to do exercises yourself, or in a self-organized group.

Attendees report a great experience with these livestream courses! You will be able to ask us questions if you register.

Please register anyway so that you can get emails and we can better report our impact.

Attend via livestream + Code Refinery Zoom

To provide interactive support, we also host parallel a Zoom session. Learners watch the livestream during teaching, and work in Zoom during exercises.

In Zoom, we group attendees into teams with an exercise leaders and help from our staff. This makes a very interactive workshop, but unfortunately we have limited resources to accept these registrations.

Attending via Zoom will give you everything the livestream does, with the possibly of centrally organized teams and a bit more help.

Attend with an own team

We recommend that you form your own team and do exercises together in your own breakout room (in-person or online). We will support this as much as we can! This year we offer a team registration with lighter arrangements. A team can self-organise, and use only one registration form for the whole team. Team contact person registrates on behalf of the whole team, makes sure that team members get all the information and reports revised group information after the event to us.

Your exercise lead(s) should also register at "Onboarding registration for exercise leads, instructors, organizers, observers" so that they get a calendar invite with connection information.

Attend in a local partner's event

Some of our partners arrange an onsite meetings where they follow the teaching together and get in-person expert assistance. Check if one of our partners is organising such an event, or if your educational institute has an event of their own. Feel free to suggest your educational institute to become a partner and/or arrange a local breakout room.

FAQ: how should I register?

  • I am registering alone (not as part of a team) and want to work with others, how should I register?
    • Use Individual registration form and choose to participate in online exercise group (Code Refinery Zoom). If we are full you get the livestream anyway.
    • Register as type Learner or Exercise leader
  • I am making my own team, how should I register?
    • The team contact person uses the Team registration to register on behalf of the whole team. The team contact person can also join our CodeRefinery chat to interact with us. Your exercise lead(s) should also register at "Onboarding registration for exercise leads, instructors, organizers, observers" so that they get a calendar invite with connection information.
  • Our team will work together in a physical room, is there any point to joining the Code Refinery Zoom?
    • The Code Refinery Zoom has some Expert helpers who will drop by the Zoom breakout rooms and ask if things are going OK. If your team has on-site expert helpers you are good to go by yourselves. (Note that Zoom can still be useful in the physical room for screensharing with each other).
  • I want to make my team on my own, do I need to register? Does everyone on the team need to register?
    • We prefer that you (team contact person) register the team using group registration so that we can report our impact better. Also, then you get emails direct from us and the HackMD links to ask questions. In other words only one person registers the team. Team members do not need to register individually. Your exercise lead(s) should also register at "Onboarding registration for exercise leads, instructors, organizers, observers" so that they get a calendar invite with connection information.
  • I want to be an exercise lead or an observer. How do I register?
    • Use individual registration and choose corresponding attendance/participation type. Also register at "Onboarding registration for exercise leads, instructors, organizers, observers" so that you get a calendar invite with connection information.
  • I'm an organization or group, I want to sponsor my community's teams!
    • Great! In general what you can do is to gather people together to follow the workshop. Read more about local breakout rooms and contact us.
    • If you arrange a local event, use our group registration to let us know!
      • Feel free to just make your own registration form and manage attendees as you would do in your own events.
      • When registering the group, the group contact person can ask us to help with creating a registration form.
      • You can also encourage individuals to take part to our centrally organized Zoom.
    • If you create your own registration, we will need the following information from you and you can provide this information via our team registration during or after the workshop: number of learners, number of exercise leads, the academic discipline of the team (if relevant), country/countries of the affiliation of the leaners, and their career stage/ job titles. You will see these questions when registering the teams.
  • I registered individually but later decided to take part in a registered group. What do I do?
    • We are happy that you found yourself a group! Please withdraw your individual registration so that you don't get conflicting information from us or contact us to help you with that.

Price and Zoom priority policy

The course is free of charge, funded by the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration.

When we have more sign-ups as individual learners for exercise groups than our capacity allows, the following priority criteria apply:

  1. Partner communities
  2. National universities or research institutes in Nordic countries and Estonia
  3. Private companies and government agencies in Nordic countries or Estonia
  4. European national universities or research institutes from outside the Nordics.
  5. Others

Therefore it is very important that you use an email address corresponding to your affiliation. If you aren't accepted to the Zoom session, you can always attend the stream part.

If you come as a complete team (i.e. including at least one exercise leader that can attend all the days), we will accept you up to the technical capacity of our meeting. Same for exercise leader and other learners they bring with them (to combine with others).


We hope that everyone can attend and learn from this workshop, but we aren't perfect. Our attempts are mentioned below, if you would like to help or there is something else we can do, please get in touch.

  • Breakout rooms with exercise leaders gives a community atmosphere and private help.
  • Our material is provided in writing (lesson websites), by voice, and by demo.
  • We record videos and post the notes so you can review at your own pace later on. Videos don't include audience voice or video.
  • HackMD allows anyone to ask questions anonymously and asynchronously, without interrupting others. On the other hand, there are a lot of questions, so don't let it distract you from the main lecture.
  • Lesson websites/HackMD use standard web technologies, so that browser accessibility plugins can be used (for example making the font more accessible, check browser extensions).
  • Twitch can be live-captioned using the Google Chrome browser.
  • You can follow along without providing any personal data (registration, Twitch works with cookies blocked).
  • We have figures in some lessons which are somewhat important, without good alt text. We are working on this, contributions welcome.