CodeRefinery workshop September 20-22 and 27-29, 2022

Volunteer at CodeRefinery

CodeRefinery's mission is to enable everyone to use the computational tools they need for their work. We do this by teaching the most important software development tools, which are often missed in other coursework. This is a big task, but together with our volunteer exercise leaders, we can do it.

Volunteer to be an exercise leader at CodeRefinery, and you will:

  • Mentor and provide positive encouragement for your team; guide them through the workshop.
  • Attend our quick exercise leader training (one hour, see schedule)
  • Have your own team (breakout room of ~5) during the course.
  • Help keep the team on track. You are the first line, but you don't need to know everything.
  • Call for other help when needed. We are constantly moving around breakout rooms anyway.

Don't be intimated. If you have some knowledge of git and the command line, you know all you need (the exercise leader will, of course, learn things as well). If you have been to a CodeRefinery before, you are definitely qualified. Your job is more to guide people and try to read error messages than solve every problem.

You don't have to be located in the Nordics We welcome volunteers from institutions also outside the Nordics because volunteer exercise leaders help us to reach more people.

Am I good enough to be a exercise leader? If you are asking this question, probably you are. You should have some familiarity with git, provide some initial advice on obvious error messages, and be able to call us for advanced help when it's needed.

How do I register as an exercise leader? Our normal registration form has an option for "Exercise leader".

Teams? If you have friends or colleagues you would like to mentor, register as a team. First off, if a team has an exercise leader, it will almost certainly be accepted. Second, working together makes it much more likely to have a lasting effect in your group.

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