CodeRefinery workshop March 21-23 and 28-30, 2023


  • Day 5 news / prep for day 6:
    • We covered the things on the schedule: Jupyter and Documentation. Overall, it went well, though there are a few things to read yourself later.
    • Today seemed to have the most problems getting things to work. Perhaps this is expected, because it had both Git usage (pushing to Github, making repositories, and so on) and the conda environment. We didn't have time to go over all of these in detail again today (we tried to earlier or in the install instructions), so we recommend you talk with local partners or other support to work out these things.
    • Day 5 is a really cool day, where we go over testing (a very useful lesson that connects everything together), and modular code development, a fun way to watch a whole project be built and slowly adopt better practices.


There is no deadline and you are welcome to register and join even after the event started.

You can attend just those days you want but please register anyway!
Skip the lessons you already know or don't fit you schedule. For the days you cannot attend but would like to learn check the lesson material (links in the schedule below).

Before signing up please also read this privacy note about tools/services we use.

If you want to join as organization to provide local helpers or in-person sessions, please do! This usually takes the form of a "watching party" with coordinated breaks for exercises. You can manage that on your own but all participants should still register with us individually so that they get all necessary practical information and support.

Should all in a team sign up? Or only one person? We recommend that all register so that they get all necessary information. Team leads for local exercise groups can select "I am attending a local exercise room" and "I might be interested in being a team leader".


All times are displayed in the local timezone of your browser. Detected timezone offset compared to UTC:

Breaks: 10 minutes every hour, between xx:50 and xx:10, but it is difficult for us to indicate exactly when.

Installation help and on-boarding
, - On-boarding for team leads
, - Installation help for everybody
Installation help and on-boarding (you don't need to attend both days, choose the day that is better for you)
, - On-boarding for team leads
, - Installation help for everybody
Day 1
, - Connecting time and icebreaker
, - Welcome and introduction (Richard)
, - Introduction to version control - part 1/2 (Diana and Bjørn)
Day 2
, - Connecting time and icebreaker
, - Introduction to version control - part 2/2 (Diana and Bjørn)
Day 3
, - Connecting time and icebreaker
, - Collaborative distributed version control (Dhanya and Radovan)
Day 4
, - Connecting time and icebreaker
, - Mini-intro (Richard)
, - Reproducible research and FAIR data (Radovan and Matias)
, - Social coding and open software (Radovan and Matias)
Day 5
, - Connecting time and icebreaker
, - Jupyter (Johan and Teemu)
, - Documentation (Bjørn and Johan)
Day 6
, - Connecting time and icebreaker
, - Software testing (Thomas and Teemu)
, - Modular code development (Thomas and Radovan)
, - Concluding remarks and where to go from here (Richard)
, - Optional - Meet the instructors on Zoom for a chat

Partners and local exercise groups

Some partners offer local support, such as breakout rooms, to their local teams. You can become a partner to support your community!

We collect here the exercise groups that we know:

Be a team leader

Do you know some of the topics, but want to review them? Why not attend as a team leader? Gather some friends who want to learn the topics and follow the workshop together. You don't need to be an expert: if you have been through CodeRefinery once or have some familiarity with the topics, and you are confident to call an expert helper when needed, then you have all it takes to lead a team to success.


  • Radovan Bast
  • Johan Hellsvik
  • Diana Iusan
  • Matias Jääskeläinen
  • Bjørn Lindi
  • Thomas Pfau
  • Dhanya Pushpadas
  • Teemu Ruokolainen

Workshop organizers

  • Radovan Bast
  • Richard Darst
  • Enrico Glerean
  • Matias Jääskeläinen
  • Dhanya Pushpadas
  • Samantha Wittke

Expert helpers

  • Radovan Bast
  • Johan Hellsvik
  • Diana Iusan
  • Matias Jääskeläinen
  • Jarno Rantaharju
  • Dhanya Pushpadas
  • Stephan Smuts


CodeRefinery is a project within the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (NeIC). NeIC is an organisational unit under NordForsk.


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