Certificates and credits

It is possible to obtain a certificate from the course with a little extra work. The certificate is equivalent to 1 ECTS and your study supervisor will be able to register it as a credit in your university study credit system. Please make sure that your supervisor/study program accepts it.

Learners with a valid Aalto student number will automatically get the credit registered in Aalto systems. Please note that this does not apply to participants affiliated with TU Delft who have own criteria for workshop certificates and credits.

To obtain a certificate, we expect you to follow the 6 days of the course and provide us with the following three documents via email:

  1. The output of git log --all from the repositories that you have used during the course as a text file. Evaluation criteria: we expect to see the results from most of the git commands that are run in the first 3 days of the workshop.
  2. Written answers to the following four questions submitted as a document (pdf or word or txt). Evaluation criteria: we expect critical answers related to the content of first 3 days wit h both pros and cons (when relevant):
    • When should you work with branches?
    • What is the difference between a git clone and a git fork?
    • What is the difference between a fork and a branch?
    • What advantages and disadvantages to code review can you imagine/list?
  3. A personal reflection for each of the 6 days written as a document (pdf or word or txt, one paragraph per day). To get started, you can try answering the questions: "Why is this important? How can it improve my research work?" However any other personal reflection is welcome. Evaluation criteria: we expect reflections that are related to the content of each of the six days.

During the workshop we will provide with contact addresses where you should send these documents to.


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