Possibilities for Carpentries


  • Carpentries is currently designed around small workshops, so many of these ideas can’t directly apply

  • Yet many of these tools and also team teaching can still be used

  • You can run your own breakout room for any of our workshops

  • Join as observer if you want to see our workshop organization and tools in action

CodeRefinery workshops can be a good progression step after taking a Carpentries workshop.

Helping out at a CodeRefinery workshop as exercise lead can be a good progression step for those who have helped out at a Carpentries workshop or who have taken the Carpentries instructor training.

CodeRefinery’s plans


  • We are continuing to focus on online-first with local breakout rooms

  • We welcome people joining us, either individually or as an organization

  • Still interested in collaboration with Carpentries

  • We need to become better at marketing and outreach

Biggest open problems

  • How to give helpers and contributors more credit and visibility

  • How to promote/engage new members

  • What are we? Non-profit? Institution collaboration network? Selling services?

  • Funding and sustainability (but we have ideas: collaboration network)

How you can join

Individual level:

  • Join CodeRefinery chat

  • Lead a team, co-teach, or help organize a workshop

  • Generally provide marketing and outreach

Organization level:

  • Have your organization join CodeRefinery

  • Officially co-advertise and co-teach workshops

  • Run local breakout rooms and join a workshop as a team

  • Send an observer to a workshop

Aside: Nordic-RSE (research software engineers)