Teaching practice and feedback

Goals of the teaching practice:

  • In groups of 4-5 persons we will practice teaching a 5-minute segment of a lesson of your choice.

  • The section you pick should require screen sharing and be of some demonstration or follow-along task (preferably using a shell) to also practice having a good screen-sharing setup.

  • We will practice giving constructive feedback.

  • We will practice improving our 5-minute segment by taking the feedback into account.

  • In both session you can teach the same topic/segment but if you prefer you can also change the topic/aspect for the second session.

Instructor demo

  • In order to demonstrate the goals of this section, the instructor will make a 5-minute demo for your evaluation.

  • It is designed to include some good and bad practices for you to notice.

Teaching demos part 1

In group rooms, 50 minutes.


  • We organize the breakout rooms to not only discuss one lesson/topic so that it is more interesting to listen and also probably we will all get more useful feedback.

  • Give each other constructive verbal feedback on the teaching demos, for example using this demo rubric.

  • Write down questions (in the collaborative document) that you would like to discuss in the main room or interesting conclusions which you would like to share with others.

Teaching demos, part 2

In group rooms, 50 minutes.


  • In the second round we distribute the rooms differently so that you can present it to a new group of workshop participants and can receive new feedback.

  • Ask for feedback and one/few point(s) you want to improve.

  • In your second trial check whether you feel the demonstration improved.

  • Share your lessons learned in the collaborative document.

  • Give us also feedback on this exercise format. Was it useful? What can we improve?


Main room discussion

  • We discuss questions and conclusions which came up during the group work session.

Optional: feedback for two live-coding examples


Teaching by live coding is a performance art which requires practice. This exercise highlights some typical pitfalls that most instructors fall into sooner or later, and also shows how to avoid them. Watch closely since we will be giving feedback!

  • Watch these two videos: video 1 and video 2

  • What was better in video 1 and what was better in video 2?

  • Please give feedback in the shared workshop document.