Workshop roles

Running massive workshops requires a lot of people. We have a variety of roles with different levels of support.

As usual, roles are a plan, and a plans are made to be updated.

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Lower levels mean “top level sometimes split into some of these sub-roles”.

  • Instructor coordinator: coordinates schedule and instructors

    • Instructor: Teaches along with a co-teacher.

    • Expert helper: Spare person, usually watching HackMD but also rotates among breakout rooms. Often instructs some lessons.

    • Director: Manages the flow of the schedule during the workshop, introduces each lesson, etc. (often the instructor coordinator)

      • Broadcaster: Manages the livestreaming

        • Video editor: Edits and publishes videos the day of the workshop.

  • Registration coordinator: coordinates registration, helpers, and breakout rooms.

    • Exercise leader coordinator: Onboards exercise leaders

    • Host: Manages the learner breakout rooms, learner questions, etc. (often the registration coordinator)

    • Advertisement coordinator: Advertises and outreaches

  • Under both registration coordinator and instructor coordinator

    • HackMD manager: always watches and formats HackMD and publishes it same-day. “Eyes on the ground” via HackMD and chat and quickly communicates important information to instructor and registration coordinators.

  • Learner: attends and learns

  • Exercise leader: serves as a guide to the team, receives small amount of training before the workshop.


How many people teach in your workshops?

  • Using HackMD, make a histogram of how many (instructors + organizers) you typically have in your workshops.

  • List some of the common roles you have used.

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