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Python and Anaconda scripts are not visible in Git Bash

Follow the steps below to enable Python and Anaconda scripts in Git Bash:

  • Open the windows command prompt
  • Type “where python” to check where python is installed
    • If you use Anaconda, usually it is : “C:\Users<username>\Anaconda3\python.exe”
  • Add python and anaconda scripts to your path
SETX PATH “%PATH%;C:\Users\<username>\Anaconda3\Scripts;C:\Users\<username>\Anaconda3”
  • Close the windows command prompt and open a new one.

Check python --version

If you open Git Bash, you will have Python and Anaconda scripts available to Git Bash.

Git commands not available in Anaconda

Instead of modifying the path as above, an easier solution might be to install Git through conda directly into the Anaconda environment:

$ conda install git

Pip install datrie fails with Python 3.7

Install from GitHub is a workaround:

$ pip3 install git+

See also this issue.

Other configuration problems

Please follow the Software Carpentry troubleshooting guide for fixing other configuration problems you might be having.