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CodeRefinery instructor training


60 min Pre-workshop preparation What should I do before the CodeRefinery instructor training workshop?
How long is the preparation work?
Do I need to be Carpentries instructor to attend this workshop?
30 min About the project What is CodeRefinery?
How does CodeRefinery relate to the Carpentries?
What are the main goals of CodeRefinery workshops?
Who is in our target audience?
What is our training philosophy?
60 min Teaching approach What pedagogical concepts underpin CodeRefinery and Carpentry workshops?
What is reverse instructional design?
30 min Lightning overview of lessons What is usually taught in a CodeRefinery workshop?
15 min Break Break
30 min Running workshops What are the steps for organizing a CodeRefinery workshop?
How should I prepare before teaching or helping in a workshop?
50 min Contributing to lesson development How can you contribute to CodeRefinery lessons?
How can you create new lessons?
30 min Institutional partnerships and sustainability How to support CodeRefinery?
What will happen after the end of CodeRefinery-2?
270 min Digging into the lessons What are CodeRefinery lessons' objectives?
How are the lessons taught?
How can we improve instructor guides or lesson material?
90 min Future Are we missing any lessons in CodeRefinery?
What teaching material should we develop?
What is our broader picture?