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CodeRefinery instructor training: Lightning overview of lessons


Teaching: 30 min
Exercises: 0 min
  • What is usually taught in a CodeRefinery workshop?
  • Get a general overview of CodeRefinery lessons

CodeRefinery lessons and workshop

In this section, we explain briefly what’s covered in a typical CodeRefinery workshop and how much we can mix and match lessons for new workshops.

Practical information on how to organize a workshop will be given later.

What’s in a CodeRefinery workshop?

All our CodeRefinery teaching material is licensed under CC-BY 4.0. Code examples: OSI-approved MIT license. You are free to use this material, but please let us know - it is important for us to know whether this material has impact outside of our workshops.

We usually run our workshops in 3 days and to get an overview of a typical CodeRefinery workshop, look at the programme here.

However, anyone is free to mix and match to define its own CodeRefinery programme.

Lightning overview of all lessons

Details on lessons will be given later, so here we mostly give a very short overview of each CodeRefinery lesson.

Each overview can consist of some combination of (choose the most important to fit the time):

  • Learning objectives
  • What’s covered, teaching strategy
  • Particularly interesting (groups of) exercises
  • How it relates to other lessons
  • Future development needed
  • Why someone would want to take part in this lesson’s group
  • (History of the lesson, if interesting)

Key Points