Helper introduction

Thanks for being a CodeRefinery helper! Helpers allow CodeRefinery to scale to many more people than we could otherwise handle. You’ll be in a breakout room with around 5 people, guide them through the course, keep time, and call us when more help is needed. You’ll also learn to be a more effective teacher and mentor.

As a helper, you are expected to:

  • Show a positive, motivating attitude to learners.

  • Come to a one-hour “helper training” before the workshop.

  • Prerequisites: Have been to a CodeRefinery before and used git some since then, or have a bit more some experience with git (branching, pull request, github) and command line work. Be able to focus during the course.

  • You do not have to know everything, but keep exercises going and call us when there are difficult questions!

Helper training

During this time, we will talk about the role of the helper during the workshop and answer any open questions you may have. We’ll go through the material below.

If you have any doubts, questions, ideas or anything you want to tell us apart from these sessions, please ask! We are here to help. Our general email is or you can join the CodeRefinery chat (we recommend the #workshops stream, and if you can’t find it then #general is good).


We have these things we recommend you read in advance (don’t worry, we’ll go over them in helper training):

You’ll learn these during the workshop so you don’t need to read these in advance (and if you’ve been to a CodeRefinery before, you’ll know this):

From helper to instructor

If you enjoy being a helper, would you like to upgrade to a more active role in CodeRefinery, or become an instructor? We welcome everyone to the CodeRefinery community and want to expand our network of workshops and instructors.

Our chat is the primary place to join future plans, and is all open. Join at you can listen in, follow certain threads, participate, and influence. {doc}Read more about how Zulipchat works <chat>

What knowledge is needed?

If you have been helping out at a CodeRefinery workshop, you are most likely familiar with our lessons.

  • Are there any lessons you would prefer to teach?

  • Do you need any inputs from CodeRefinery to get the confidence to teach a CodeRefinery workshop?

Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know you are willing to teach CodeRefinery workshops!