Exercise leader introduction

Thanks for being an exercise leader

Helpers like you allow CodeRefinery to scale to many more people than we could otherwise handle. During the workshop, you’ll be in a breakout room (virtual side room) with around 5 people, guide them through the course, keep time, and let us know when more help is needed during the exercise sessions. Instructors and expert helpers are always just one click away. It is very likely that you’ll grow as a mentor and learn how to be a more efficient teacher.

What is needed to be an exercise leader?

Most importantly, you do not have to know everything (we don’t, either), but you are expected to:

  • Have been to a CodeRefinery before and used git some since then, OR have some general experience with git (branching, pull requests) and command line work.

  • Be present in your assigned breakout room during exercise sessions of the workshop.

  • Show a positive, motivating attitude to learners.

  • Keep exercises going and let us know when there are difficult questions!

  • Come to a one-hour “Exercise leader onboarding” (see below) before the workshop.

Exercise leader onboarding

We usually offer two one-hour timeslots in the week before the workshop (check the schedule!) for exercise leader onboarding. You are expected to join one of these times. During this time, we will talk about the role of the exercise leader during the workshop and answer any open questions you may have. We will also go through the material below.

Material for exercise leaders

You can already read through the material below, if you have time, but do not worry, we will be going over it in the exercise leader onboarding session.

If you have been to a CodeRefinery workshop before, you will most likely know the following, but if unsure, also check the links below:

If you have any doubts, questions, ideas or anything you want to tell us apart from these sessions, please let us know! We are here to help.

If you want to contact us before the workshop you can send an email to our general email address mailto:support@coderefinery.org or you can join the CodeRefinery chat (we recommend the #workshops stream, and if you can’t find it then #general is good).

During the workshop, HackMD (collaborative document) is our main communication channel, where you can ask questions or request us to visit your breakout room in case of tricky questions or further discussion potential.

If you had fun being an exercise leader for the workshop, please visit our contributing page page, to find out about further volunteering possibilities within CodeRefinery.