Guide on how to use Indico for managing workshops

We use the NeIC Indico service,, so you need to create an account at

Radovan, Thor, and Sabry are managers of the CodeRefinery category in and will need to grant you permissions to create event pages.

To create a new workshop page, it is easiest to clone a previous event. This copies the registration form and metadata, but not the pre-workshop survey which needs to be manually imported as a json file.

Step-by-step instructions:

Copy basics from latest event

  • Visit, and click CodeRefinery which takes you to

  • Click the latest workshop event. You might need to show “events in the future” to see the latest event.

  • Go to admin mode (click the pen symbol on top toolbar, “Switch to the management area of this event”).

  • Click the “Clone” button, and select “Clone Once”. Click “Next” button.

  • For “What should be cloned”, select “ACLs and protection settings” and “Registration forms”. Click “Next”.

  • Confirm category “CodeRefinery”, and click “Next”.

  • Select the start date and time of the workshop, click “Clone”.

  • You are now on the cloned event page (confirm that the event number changed), and you should start updating the information.

Update copied event information

  • Update the Title, Description, Date, Time, Room, Venue and Address fields by clicking the pen symbols on the right.

  • Click “Registration” from the left-hand menu, and confirm that there’s a registration form, probably with a wrong title.

  • Click the “Manage” button on the “List of registration forms”,

    • Click “Edit” on the “General settings”

    • Update the registration form name and both the fields “Contact info” and “List of recipients” with your own email address to get notifications on new registrations.

    • Waiting list:

    • Indico doesn’t have an actual waiting list functionality. To implement a waiting list, we use moderated registrations and confirm all registrations up to max capacity (eg. 40). Registrations after that up to maximum number of participants (eg. 60) are left unconfirmed and an email is sent manually from Indico to the registrant that he/she is on the waiting list. Now we have a waiting list of size 60 - 40 = 20.

    • Activate “Moderated” which will require each registration to be approved.

    • Set maximum number of participants (after which registration is closed), this should be room capacity + waiting list size. Click “Save”.

More information about the registration process

  • The Description field in the general settings should contain additional information about the registration process:

    Welcome to the registration page for the CodeRefinery instructor training workshop in Stockholm!
    To complete your registration, you need to:
    1) Enter your registration details by clicking the "Apply now" button below.
    2) Fill in the pre-workshop survey by clicking the "Fill out the survey" button below.
    Confirmation email
    After filling out the registration form you will receive an automatic confirmation email but please note that your registration is only tentative until we confirm it with another (human-written) email which should happen typically within a week.
    Waiting list
    We maintain a waiting list for seats but this is currently not automatic so we need this short time buffer to manually confirm participants and inform those who are on the waiting list.
    First come, first serve
    The seats are assigned on a first come first serve basis but we need to also make sure that registered participants are affiliated with a Nordic academic institution since the course is free for participants and financed by the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration (unless this is an event outside of Nordics funded by a different organization).
    We ask confirmed participants who are not able to participate at the course they have signed up for, to inform us as soon as possible so that people on the waiting list can take the vacant seat.
    If you have any questions about your registration status, please write to
    Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop!

Import survey

  • Now click “Surveys” from the left hand menu. You will now import the standard pre-workshop survey from a json file.

  • Go to and clone the repository.

  • Go back to the Indico Surveys page, and click “Create survey”

  • Name the survey “Pre-workshop survey”, enable the option “Anonymous submissions” and disable “Only logged-in users”. Click “Save”.

  • Back on the “Surveys” page, click “Manage” on the newly created “Pre-workshop-survey” survey.

  • It will say “Survey not ready”. Click “Prepare questionnaire”.

  • Click the “Import” button, click “Choose from your computer”, and find the file exported-survey.json” from the pre-workshop-survey repository you cloned. Click “Save”.

  • Go back to the survey page (click “Surveys” on the left), and click “Manage”. Click the “Open now” button to let the survey go live.

Open registration

  • Go to the Registration page from the left-hand menu, and click “Manage”.

  • It will say “Registrations are not open yet”. Click “Start now” to open for registrations.

  • Click the blue “Switch to display view” on the top left.

  • Confirm that both the “Surveys” and “Registration” links can be seen.

  • Click both links to do a test registration

  • Once you manage to test-register, update the workshop webpage, and announce via Twitter.

Exporting registrations

  • Go to the Registration page from the left-hand menu, and click “Registrations” which takes you to the list of registrations..

  • Click the check-box on the menu just above the list of registrations and select “All”.

  • Click on “Export” from the top menu, select “CSV” and choose a download directory.

  • You can use the to parse the CSV file and print selected fields, e.g. email addresses to be used in sending out information to participants.