CodeRefinery calendars

Public CodeRefinery calendars, so that you can easily be reminded about and take part in our activities.

If you are interested in attending workshops as a learner, subscribe to Workshops. If you want to take part in CodeRefinery teaching, choose whichever matches you best.

Available calendars

How to subscribe

You can subscribe to these calendars in your calendar program. This will periodically import the events by polling the URL, so that you get updates (usually with a few hours of delay). Most programs implement this as creating a new calendar which can be toggled on or off. Right click on the link above, "Copy link", and then...

Each of these methods creates a new calendar (that can be toggled on and off) separate from your primary one. You can copy single events to your primary calendar by clicking on them, this will also mark your time as "busy" then.

How to add events

You can add or edit events through this GitHub repository.

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