Hosting websites/homepages on GitHub Pages

Often we don’t need more than a static website

You can host your personal homepage or group webpage or project website on GitHub using GitHub Pages. GitLab and Bitbucket also offer a very similar solution.

Unless you need user authentication or a sophisticated database behind your website, GitHub Pages can be a very nice alternative to running your own web servers. This is how all material is hosted.

How to find the website URL

Here below, NAMESPACE can either be a username or an organizational account.

Personal homepage or organizational homepage

  • Generated URL:

  • Generated from: (main branch)

Project website

  • Generated URL:

  • Generated from: (gh-pages branch)

Exercise - Your own website on GitHub Pages

GH-Pages-2: Host your own github page

  • Deploy own website reusing a template:

    • Follow the steps from GitHub Pages The documentation there is very good so there is no need for us to duplicate the screenshots.

    • Select “Project site”.

    • Select “Choose a theme”.

    • Follow the instructions on

    • Browse your page on (adjust “USERNAME” and “REPOSITORY”).

  • Make a change to the repository after the webpage has been deployed for the first time.

  • Please wait few minutes and then verify that the change shows up on the website.

Real-life examples


  • You can use HTML directly or another static site generator if you prefer to not use the default Jekyll.

  • It is no problem to use a custom domain instead of *