Hosting websites/homepages on GitHub Pages


  • How to serve a website/homepage using GitHub

Hosting websites/homepages on GitHub Pages

You can host your personal homepage or group webpage or project website on GitHub using GitHub Pages.

GitLab and Bitbucket also offer a very similar solution.

Unless you need user authentication or a sophisticated database behind your website, GitHub Pages can be a very nice alternative to running your own web servers.

This is how all material is hosted.

Scheme that describes how branch names end up websites

Scheme that describes how branch names end up websites.

Exercise - Your own github page

gh-pages-2: Host your own github page

  • Deploy own website reusing a template:

    • Follow the steps from GitHub Pages The documentation there is very good so there is no need for us to duplicate the screenshots

    • Select “Project site”

    • Select “Choose a theme” (for instance “Minimal”)

    • Click “Select theme”

    • Adjust the and commit

    • Browse your page on (adjust “username” and “repository”)

  • Make a change to the repository after the webpage has been deployed for the first time

  • Please wait few minutes and then verify that the change shows up on the website

Real-life examples


  • You can use HTML directly or another static site generator if you prefer to not use the default Jekyll.

  • It is no problem to use a custom domain instead of *