CodeRefinery workshop software installation instructions

In CodeRefinery workshops, we will use a number of tools and services. For the best learning outcome, please make sure that you have all the required software available in the computer that you will use during the workshop.


If you are using a university-managed computer from the following universities, please follow specific instructions:

Step 1: Go through the checklist and make sure all items are ready

First, go through all the items in the check list below. If you are in doubt or your answer is “no”, then follow the guideline shown in a linked page for each. If your answers are all “yes”, then go to Creating a Conda environment for CodeRefinery workshops.


I have …

  • Shell terminal (Bash or Zsh) and Git configured (user name, email, and editor) and verified (instructions)

  • Relatively new version of Miniconda3 (less than 3 years old) (instructions)

  • Terminal shell (Git Bash on Windows, Bash or Zsh on macOS and Linux) from which I can use conda (try typing conda --version). Note that the Anaconda terminal is not enough since it does not provide the “Nano” editor and some commands may be different (instructions)

  • GitHub account, best with 2-factor authentication (2FA) activated. 2FA is not strictly needed for the course but highly recommended to keep your account secure (instructions)

  • SSH connection to GitHub established and verified (instructions)

Step 2: Create a Conda environment for CodeRefinery workshop

All participants need to create a Conda environment using the provided environment.yml (instructions). This environment will provide all dependencies that we will need during the workshop.

If you encounter any problems

  • Ask a friend/colleague/local IT support. These are standard tools which many people can help with (and don’t be afraid to ask - it’s an unfortunate fact that software installation and configuration is hard).

  • We will have 2 drop-in installation-help sessions. Please try by yourself first, but if you cannot solve problems, join in the sessions. Schedule is shown in the workshop website.

  • Ask in the #help stream on the CodeRefinery Zulipchat. You can also send an email to to ask questions. Please describe the problem concretely as well as your operating system.


How to contribute improvements/suggestions

Corrections and contributions to the repository are most welcome.