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Introduction to Jupyter and JupyterLab

This is a lesson on Jupyter Notebooks and the JupyterLab interface.

The goal of this lesson is to teach learners the user interface of JupyterLab, how Jupyter notebooks work, and what some common and powerful usecases are.


  • A reasonably recent version of Jupyter and JupyterLab, and a few configuration steps. For installation and configuration instructions see the installation instructions.
  • A reasonably recent version of Git to be able to work with the JupyterLab Git integration.


10 min Motivation What are Jupyter Notebooks?
What can Jupyter Notebooks be used for?
15 min The JupyterLab and notebook interface How does the JupyterLab interface work?
How do I edit Jupyter notebooks?
How can I version control notebooks?
20 min A first computational notebook What does a simple notebook with some analysis look like?
How can keyboard shortcuts speed up my work?
25 min Shell commands, magics and widgets Are there any other features besides code, text and output?
30 min Exercises Mixed exercises to practice various aspects of using Jupyter
10 min Sharing notebooks How can I share notebooks with colleagues and the community?