Video recording


  • We don’t expect many people to watch the recording from scratch later (but some do) (some might look afterwards a few pieces, cmp. reading a book vs look ing sth up from a book)

  • Learners getting an “instant replay” to review, or to make up for a lost day, is great.

  • Privacy is more important than any other factor

  • Recording only works if privacy is guaranteed and effort is low. This is only possible with the instructor-audience split setup of livestreaming.

We try to release videos on the same day

Video recordings could be useful for people attending a course later, but also are (perhaps more) useful for immediate review and catching up after missing a day in a workshop.

For this, they need to be released immediately, within a few hours of the workshop (see Video editing). CodeRefinery can do this.

For the videos to be released soon we need to make sure we guarantee privacy of learners (see below). Our livestream setup makes the privacy guarantee easy at the cost of separating instructors and learners into different video rooms.

Good preparation and documentation helps to make video recording and video editing easier.

Privacy is more important than any other factor

If we can’t guarantee privacy, we can’t release videos at all.

Some events add a disclaimers such as “if you don’t want to appear in a recording, leave your video off and don’t say anything”. We would prefer not to do this, since:

  • we know accidents happen (especially when coming back from breakout rooms)

  • it creates an incentive to not interact by voice/video

  • it could pressure participants to not object in order “to not be difficult”

Livestreaming solves this for us:

  • By separating the instruction from the audience audio/video, there is no privacy risk in the raw recording. They could be released or shared unprocessed.

  • Recording with Zoom in a large meeting with all the instructors and learners is simple, but not good for privacy: there are always mistakes, reviewing takes too long.

  • Livestream platforms also provide instant recordings of the whole stream, and some make instant replays possible. This could remove the need for making our own videos, since one of the most important cases is this instant replay idea.

Broadcasting role and setup

In the live-streaming setup, the Broadcasting role is central to video recording.

Broadcaster description (most is not directly about recording):