CodeRefinery governance

CodeRefinery Community

Right now, the CodeRefinery community is small, so we do not want to make things very formal. However, we expect things to formalize in proportion to its need.

In short:

  • Team meetings are approximately once a week. Rough consensus is used to make decisions. Read more:

  • Important decisions should also be announced and discussed via chat in advance, and ideally at several meetings.

  • Because this is a small project, the deciding factor is “what does someone want to do?”. Meetings provide a way to empower people to take action which may otherwise be hard to find in asynchronous chat, despite the voting.

  • The monthly “Community calls” allow us to get a perspective of a broader audience and bring in new members.

  • This document will be updated (by pull request+discussion) as we improve our governance in the future.

In the future:

  • An advisory role could to taken on by some sort of community council or board made up of partner representatives and community representatives.

NeIC project

The Nordic e-Infrastructure collaboration funds a part of CodeRefinery, and with that comes a certain standard of governance and reporting (see also the collaboration agreement). However, we consider this to be in parallel to the community project (with the community project being more important).

There is a lot of overlap between the NeIC-sponsored staff and the community, but the community will increase in proportion over time.