WARNING: page out of date, this is also split to the director.

  • Make all of other staff and expert helpers co-hosts.

  • Take attendance in spreadsheet, if we do that.

    • TODO: provide sample spreadsheet

    • It might be easiest to take attendance all at once, in the middle of the session, after everyone has been assigned to breakout rooms.

Breakout rooms

  • Rename people to include breakout room number (other co-hosts should help and hopefully do most of this work too), though. (this is a continuous process as people drop out and rejoin)

  • Assign people to breakout rooms (this is a continuous process)

  • Merge breakout rooms as necessary, to try to keep them balanced well

  • Constantly watch for new people joining, rename them, and assign them to breakout rooms.

    • Note, you might have merged the room they were originally in, so they might end up in an empty room!

  • Plan for the future: how many helpers might be missing, which rooms need to be merged. Can you keep the merging somewhat consistent over time?


Recording workshops provides a way for learners to get an instant review of what was covered, increasing learning. We don’t currently intend for workshop recordings to be useful to new people learning later, but they could be.

  • Record the workshop or give permission for others to record.

    • If you are recording, you can’t leave and go to other rooms.

    • Perhaps a separate computer could record?

  • spotlight speaker

  • dual monitor mode?

  • ensure that screen is always being shared?

  • stay in speaker view (not gallery view)

  • start and stop recording

  • rename recording immediately dayN-lessonname-zoom.mp4 and upload to google drive.


All of the steps needed to record mean that you can stream, too. In fact, you could look at streaming as a side-effect of recording (or a way to record).

  • spotlight speaker

  • start streaming

  • dual monitor mode?

  • ensure that screen is always being shared?

  • stay in speaker view (not gallery view)

  • have stream feed open. If you see it change to gallery view, fix it immediately.

  • stop streaming

  • download recording from twitch, rename to dayN-lessonname-twitch.mp4 and upload to google drive.