Good to know

CodeRefinery is a training network around FAIR research software development. We usually offer two massive streamed interactive online workshops per year with instructors from within the team but also try to onboard new instructors from anywhere. You can find all information about how we do workshops in our manuals. Many partners are also collaborate on additional workshops or hackathons. But CodeRefinery is not only workshops: It also is a community of people who enjoy helping others. In 2024 we also plan on doing more outreach, so if you are a social media guru or enjoy giving presentations in different forums, we would be delighted if you could help with that. Below you can find all links that are useful for anyone joining CodeRefinery in any capacity.

Become an instructor

We are always looking for new instructors for our main tools workshop happening twice a year in spring/autumn. For these workshops, we always have two instructors per topic and provide an instructor onboarding before the workshop when needed. We have gathered a lot of information and guides about “how to instructor at a CodeRefinery workshop”, but the main aspects are summarized in our Instructor introduction.

Help us improve our materials

Apart from lesson materials feedback and improvements, we also welcome any feedback and improvement suggestions on our manuals (these files here), installation instructions, webpage etc. Open tasks are summarized on the CodeRefinery webpage.

As an organization

There is many ways your organization can join or support a workshop:


As a thank you we can add your organizations logo to the workshop page.

Please contact: support@coderefinery.org