Workshop requirements - in person

This checklist is for the pre-planning phase of in-person CodeRefinery workshops: where you are deciding if you can host one and what room to use. Let us know about the items on this list when you contact us.

Lecture room

  • The room needs to be sufficiently large (a typical workshop is attended by around 20 learners and 4 instructors).

  • There needs to be enough space for instructors to walk around and interact with learners individually (a “flat” room is required).

  • Learners should face the same direction, and learners should be able to sit side-by-side for pairwise work.

  • The room should preferably have windows, and be ventilated well enough so that 20-30 people (and same amount of laptops) will not make it too warm.

  • A coffee room (or similar) should be located nearby for the coffee breaks.

  • Two overhead projectors are desirable, but if only one is available that will work too.

  • The projector screen needs to be large, and the resolution of the projector needs to be good.

  • Stable wireless connectivity for 20-30 people.

  • Sufficiently many electricity outlets so that all participants can charge their laptops.

  • Standing board for instructor.


CodeRefinery workshops are hands-on and interactive, and a lot of time is spent on exercises where participants learn by doing. Participants explore themselves, and that means they need guides to help them if they get stuck.

We recommend that each site takes proactive steps to recruit at least two helpers per workshop. We’ve noticed that helper diversity promotes learning, so we recommend that organizers also make proactive steps to have diverse helpers (male/female, international, etc.). Local organizers should directly contact possible helpers and invite them.

Good candidates are people who have any of:

  • have attended a previous CodeRefinery workshop

  • have a passion for teaching, scientific software development, open source, open science, etc.

  • are research software engineers or hold a similar technical research position

  • have experience from teaching e.g. Software Carpentry workshops

  • want to experience CodeRefinery but already have a good idea of most basics

Other requirements

When we organize a workshop or event at a new site, we may need help with some local arrangements, including:

  • Booking a lecture room.

  • Ordering coffee and refreshments.

  • Advertise the workshop through local dissemination channels.

After the workshop

Would you like to become a helper, instructor, or partner and make more workshops possible?