Video checking OLD


This is old information, these days we use ffmpeg-editlist and ensure that no learners are in the videos in the first place.

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Video editing OLD tells how to edit yourself. This page describes how to check a video for processing.

The purpose of this page is to give video processing volunteers a starting point. CodeRefinery produces a lot of videos, and learner privacy is important: we can’t post videos until they are checked. These videos are mainly useful to the learners of the very workshop, so we need them quickly (and for every workshop).


  • Ask for the directory of videos. It is on Google Drive or something similar, but is not public.

  • Look at the tracking issue. Find a unclaimed section of the course.

  • Watch the video.

    • Carefully look for any appearances of learner video within the video.

  • Copy the template below.

  • Fill out the template.

  • Paste the answers into an issue.

Segment report


* [ ] Title:
* Filename:
* Start:
* End:
* Segments to cut:
* Audience visible:
Other notes for channel description:


* Title: git-intro basics
* Filename: day1-obs
* Start: 25:13
* End: 45:00
* Segments to cut: 36:12 - 42:10
* Audience visible:  none

Other notes for channel description:

In this first episode, we go over the basics of using git for a single
local directory.

Why do we ask all this? It saves time for the person who has to upload it to YouTube.

  • Title: what would it be called? You don’t need to include the workshop name, someone will add it.

  • Filename: you don’t need the full filename but indicate what file you were searching (often we have a recording and backup recording for each day)

  • Start, end: start time of the segment

  • Segments to cut: Segments which should be cut out. Don’t be strict, it is better to get it out fast than cut out every 3-minute break. But if there is a ~10 minute break or idle time, then we can cut it.

  • Audience visible: Time periods where any audience (not including staff).

  • Other notes for channel description: Describe the content of the video, include any links. You can think what is useful for someone to find this (but it doesn’t have to be perfect).

Other comments

  • How small should segments be? First, it’s better for videos to exist than be perfect, so the 3-hour segment is better than nothing. Short lessons (1.5 hour) are probably fine to be at once, and long ones (git intro/collab) could possibly be each episode separately. Discuss with others to see what you would like.

  • Ideally, there are two videos from each day: one recorded by Twitch (raw dump of the stream), and one recorded by OBS/Zoom (local recording). The OBS/Zoom recording is preferable. You can tell them apart via the filenames.