Meeting checklist

This checklist was made because we had a major issue with not announcing good events to our community because we weren’t sure what to do, thus a community doesn’t form. These steps should be taken to announce any event unless there is a specific reason not to (for example, a workshop is well underway and organizers known). You don’t have to follow what you see here, but the point is to make announcements as boring as possible, so that it gets done quickly and well-enough.

As soon as meeting topic/time is decided

  • Decide central HackMD/join link. (Join link can be decide later by putting it in the hackmd).

  • Create a calendar event for yourself, and send it to related people. You should be ready to forward this to people who request. It’s OK if the event only includes HackMD link (+ join link, if known).

  • [Mailing list: not yet present, we are relying on the other options here.]

  • Make a post in #announce. Don’t be shy, just do it. <time:TAB will produce a time picker that adjusts for everyone’s timezones.

    At <time:...>, there will be a [meeting on topic].  Topics will
    include [a few highlights to let people know who should attend].
    HackMD (including connection details): <link>
    More info: #[stream-name]
    If you want a calendar invite, send [me] a private message (or
    react with :email: quickly if I know your email already).
  • Make a Twitter post for most meetings, if you want a broader community to attend.

    • You can do this yourself via the “tweet-together” Github Action:

    • You can do it from the web interface, find the “Create new tweet” button from the readme.

    • Edit the file path. It pre-fills YYYY/MM outside of the text box, but you can backspace and change that to current year/month.

    • Suggested template:

      [title] will be held at [time CEST]. [optional: why should
      someone attend?  Attend if...]
      More info via our chat
    • Suggested tags

      • CodeRefinery: #coderefinery

      • Nordic-RSE: #RSEng

      • Research software hour: #RSEng

    • Ideally, someone else should merge quickly after checking facts Don’t wait for “permission” or something like that which may never come, we agree that more tweeting is a good thing.

Days before the meeting

  • Send reminders to the #announcements streams. You can find the old topic and reply to it, quoting the whole text.

Archive meeting agenda

  • Archive the agenda, if needed.