Expert helpers

We mainly have expert helpers for large workshops.

  • As an expert helper, your main job is to move between different groups and make sure that groups are doing well.

  • You might be summoned to a group whose helper needs extra help, or take the place of a helper if a group doesn’t have one.

    • Watch HackMD/Zulip for this, though requests might come in from other channels, too.

  • No one is expected to know everything, but an expert helper should be able to find a person who can answer, or confident enough to say they should move on.

  • Make sure you have a new (newer than 15 october 2020) Zoom client, so that you can join arbitrary breakout rooms.

    • If you don’t, then you have to ask to be put into some room, and then you can swap to any other room.

  • Report an overview of the pulse of the breakout rooms in zulipchat (or hackmd). Is everyone behind? People finishing early? Big differences between them? Questions which we should bring up in the main room?

  • Monitor if any exercise leaders need extra help or training. Should we improve our exercise leader training?

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