Instructors are the ones who “lecture” in the workshops - but of course there are many other roles which are helping with the teaching, most notably team leaders and other helpers.

This page links guides on various aspects of being an instructor.

Join the #workshops stream in the coderefinery Zulip chat and see what workshops are planned. Below a few things that might be of interest if you want to teach with us:

Responsibilities of an instructor

  • Review, triage, and work on lesson issues

  • Define exercises

  • Communicate exercise list to Exercise coordinator

  • Set up and test a quality screen share

  • Coordinate with co-instructor

  • Communicate software requirements to Instructor coordinator

  • Communicate timing adjustments to Instructor coordinator

  • After planning/editing the lesson: Do a dry run (prefereably with someone “new” to the topic)

From team leader/helper to more

Here is one possible pathway from learner to (whatever else). This is an idea for a pathway but by no means a requirement - you can join at whatever step you like, and steps don’t have to happen in order. Maybe you are interested in some or the other. There are also roles completely outside of this pathway.

  • After being a learner, you come back as an team leader/helper.

  • When you have a solid understanding of all materials, you may join as an expert helper.

  • You begin co-teaching episodes with someone else

    • We find that co-teaching is a good way to start. In this, there are two people, one person assumes the big-picture discussion, and the other the typing and explaining what they are doing. By making the lesson a discussion instead of a lecture, it’s more dynamic.

  • Eventually, you get confident enough to teach yourself (though really we should always be co-teaching…)

  • Somewhere in there (before or after instructor, depending on your interests), you may want to try to be a HackMD helper or Zoom host. These are more about coordinating all the other people involved in the workshop.

Let’s emphasize again: this is one pathway, but you should do what you want.