Workshop preparation meeting

Each workshop should have a preparation call among instructors, experts, hosts, etc. This is separate from the helper training call.

Topics of workshop instructor meeting

  • Introduction round

  • Go over Instructor introduction and other pages in this section

    • New staff: go over in more details.

  • The role of expert helpers.

  • Everyone: discuss the roles in the workshop

  • For each lesson, a meeting between a former instructor and the current one (even if current one is experienced teaching it).

    • Set up any possible co-teaching arrangements.

  • Discuss hand-over times each day

  • Breaks should be descussed among instructors for each day, but default is 10 minutes between xx:50 and xx:10 each hour.

  • Practice instructor tech setup (screenshare, etc): can also be done in the one-on-one meeting.

  • Joining CodeRefinery: what comes next?

Don’t forget

  • Update Zoom client (later than mid-October 2020) for breakout room features. Zoom alone isn’t enough.

Common CodeRefinery conventions to remember

  • Breaks are not negotiable, minimum 10 minutes

  • Sessions can’t be extended indefinitely, it’s OK to run out of time and skip things (in fact, we expect this: all lessons have op. All lessons have optional episodes. Not finishing is normal, in fact.

    • Emphasize to learners that we can’t cover everything and don’t expect to.

  • During workshop, we communicate via:

    • HackMD

    • Zulipchat

    • Zoom chat is minor and most people don’t need to watch.